Samsung USB Drivers All & Latest Versions

On this page, you can download Samsung USB Driver, so if you are looking for it, you will find all and latest versions below.


What is the Samsung USB Driver?

It is an application developed by Samsung to act as a translator (bridge) between smartphones and PC.


What are uses of Samsung USB Driver?

Actually, Samsung USB Driver is necessary if you plan to:

  • Transfer files and images between your Samsung Phone and PC.
  • Upgrade Samsung phones OS.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Samsung Android Version.
  • Share internet connection between phone and PC.
  • Root your device, throw PC.
  • Use Odin3 Tool.

Does Samsung USB Driver Free?

Yes, it's completely free.


Is Samsung USB driver safe?

Yes, it's developed by Samsung Company, and it's 100% safe.


What are the supported devices to use the Samsung USB Driver?

As is clear from the program name Samsung USB Driver, that is, it is intended for smartphones manufactured by Samsung, as it was specifically designed for Samsung phones running the Android OS operating system.


Is Samsung USB Driver compatible with Windows OS?

Yes, it is compatible with all Windows versions (Windows 10 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 8 - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - Windows XP).


What are the steps to install the Samsung USB Driver?

  • Step 1: Download the zip file of the Samsung USB Driver to your computer, you can find download links below.
  • Step 2: Extract the zip file.
  • Step 3: Run¬†the¬†Samsung USB drive EXE file.
  • Step 4: Click¬†the next and next and finish buttons.


What is the importance of downloading the latest version of the Samsung USB Driver?

You should always follow up on new updates for the Samsung USB Driver because it fixes problems with newer devices, as each update comes with new support for a number of modern smartphones in the latest version.


Samsung USB Driver all and latest versions download links

File NameVersionFile SizeLink
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